A full line of motorized roll-up insect, sun, privacy and weather control for garage doors, windows, lanais, entryways, and commercial applications!

Five things that can be damaged by the sun in your home:
• Fabrics and upholstery
• Window treatments
• Wallpaper
• Natural wood floors
• Photos, paintings, and other furnishings


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SKEET’R BEAT’R Motorized Screens are manufactured in the USA by Screen America Corporation and are intended primarily for the retrofit residential market. They are to be installed on existing homes or light commercial and professional offices where the opening can be either totally open or totally screened with the push of a button. Creating the ideal environment for insect, sun, & privacy control, the patented design keeps the screening fabric in the side tracks and provides a complete insect barrier for openings up to 20 feet wide. When the screens are lowered there is a minimal reduction in ambient light, outward visibility, and air flow. The screens roll up and vanish behind false headers, valances, or external housings when not in use.


ROLECTRIC Architectural Screens have been designed to be hidden inside the architectural openings as an integral part of the structure. Therefore, these screens should be considered at the earliest conception of the building’s design.

All of our premium electronic components and motors are made by SOMFY, a world leader in tubular motors and electronics. Multiple screens can be operated by a standard wall switch or by radio or infrared remote control. All electronic controls can be interfaced with any existing home or building automation system. Screens can also be controlled by timers, sun & wind sensors, and with our more economic control options.

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Solair Select Motorized Retractable Awnings

With just the touch of a button, Solair Select can change your outdoor environment from warm, inviting sun to cool, comfortable shade with this motorized retractable awning.

Not only will it make your outdoor living space more livable, it will beautify your home, reduce energy bills, and protect your furniture against harmful UV rays. It’s comfort and flexibility, all at the touch of a button from the shade solution experts.

Solair Comfort Retractable Awnings


Enjoy your outdoor space like never before with Solair Comfort. Sit in cool comfort or bask in the sun with this easy-to-use, retractable awning.

Add beauty to your home. Reduce your energy bills and protect your furniture against harmful UV rays. It’s all possible with this affordable shade solution from the shade experts.

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WEATHERSHIELD motorized roll-up vinyl is foul weather gear for your outdoor room! It is a line of retained marine quality vinyl panels designed to keep out wind and rain or excessive heat and cold. Areas enclosed by WEATHERSHIELD can be heated or air-conditioned to provide comfort in any season, while still permitting a near perfect view to the outside.


The Climatrol is a protection system. The screen and vinyl are housed in a superb dual-tracked system which can be built into your structure’s architecture, or retrofitted for overhead mounting. This design allows you to have the best insect, solar, and foul weather defense! The screen mesh allows you to enjoy the cool breeze; but when foul weather approaches, you can simply roll down the vinyl to be protected from the elements!

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